TITLE: Berthold Wolpe The Total Man
AUTHOR: Phil Cleaver
BOOK SIZE: 246 x 168 mm
PAGES: 136

PRICE: £24
Plus £5 postage in the UK

This book is a celebration of Berthold Wolpe and brings to life his story through anecdotes from friends and family giving us graphic insight into what it was like to know this larger than life character.

Berthold’s work has been reproduced extensively, especially many of the 1,500 front-cover book designs he created at Faber & Faber. However what has not been shown before is all his lettering, hand drawn on scraps of paper with white correcting paint refining the hand drawn black lettering. They show the process of creating the energetic and strong letter forms which he made his own.

These artworks open up a bygone era of design and will hopefully inspire young designers to close their laptops and get messy with paper and ink, producing work which carries their own DNA and not that of the computer.