TITLE: Wild is the Wind
PHOTOGRAPHS: Tessa Traeger
POEMS: Mark Haworth-Booth
FOREWORD: Patrick Kinmonth
BOOK SIZE: 297 x 210 mm

sold out

Tessa’s photographs and Mark’s poems, neither are designed nor conceived as a commentary or illustration upon the other, but those of us who have watched as these two artists have toiled to bring something of their feelings to the surface for the benefit of those with eyes to see and ears to hear, imagine you may feel as we do that they live well together amongst each other. Just as Tessa’s trees and starling clouds have become portraits of the invisible forces that have shaped them, Mark’s poems trace lines of feeling, make visible the rhythms and rewards of this place, and between them they add up, (and multiply), to become more than the sum of their parts. Their work is a matter of exemplary and harmonious study. And you will observe yourselves no doubt, that this book is the portrait of a true and lasting friendship.

Signed Limited edition by Tessa, Mark and Patrick has sold out. Some artist proofs unsigned still available.